Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mama Said There'll Be Days Like This....

There'll be days like this, Mama said!

Wait, who am I kidding?  My mom is the most positive person in the world.  She would never tell me that there would be days of misery.  But oh, let me tell you, there are!  And I've had a couple.  Days when....

  • you wake up with the headache you went to bed with
  • you pray that your newborn stays asleep because all you can do is shiver under a blanket on the couch while your two year old crawls all over you
  • you can barely keep your eyes open
  • you take your temp and find that you have 102.4
  • your dog wants in
  • your dog wants out
  • you want to kill your dog
  • you keep taking your temp to find that it continues to rise
  • your two year old is hungry at the same time as the newborn
  • your dog wants in
  • you're "trapped" feeding the baby when the toddler starts crying because she needs a diaper change (yes, you're still working on potty training), so you manage to get the diaper at least off but can't put a new one on thing you know, she has taken off her gown that you had yet to change her out of even at 11:00 because you had no energy, so she ends up running around the house naked for a while
  • said dog that you want to kill throws up on the rug while you're trapped nursing and the toddler is running around naked
  • your eyeballs feel like they're on fire
  • your toddler cries for 30 minutes because she wants to eat
  • you finally make yourself get up, almost pass out while trying to dress the naked toddler
  • you realize you have no energy to prepare a meal so your toddler gets cold lunch meat and goldfish for lunch
  • you email your husband every 30 minutes letting him know that you're about to die because your temp keeps climbing - all the way to 104.9
  • your back aches, and your head, and your neck
  • you put a screaming child in bed for a nap, only to have her escape and come downstairs five minutes later
  • you sit outside in the sun when it must feel like 105 because to you it feels wonderful
  • you just want to crawl in a hole and cry
(OK, so I probably should have put everything in first-person, right?  Should have been writing 'I' instead of 'you'?  Ugh, never a good one at English.  And to think I had to teach it to third graders?  My apologies to all my former students.  You know what I meant.)

Anyway....thankfully Kris came home from work early on Friday so I could take a little nap.  He washed bottles for me (my least favorite thing to do these days) and brought me my medicine.  He didn't even tell me how awful I looked.  I love that man.

And to quote the most positive person in the world....this too shall pass.  She says that a lot when I complain to her.  I love that woman also.  But she's right.  It shall pass.  And I'll laugh at my dramatics when it's all behind me.