Friday, April 26, 2013

The People

Sadie has never been a good sleeper.  We all know that.  But a few months ago, it was getting really bad.  Sadie, what's wrong?  Why do you not like your room?  The people.  The people in my room.  What people?  The boy.  The boy wake me up.

So I just figured she'd had a bad dream.

It continued....Kris or I have to get in bed with her until she falls asleep, sneak out, only to wake up to her screams a few hours later.  The people scare me!  The people wake me up!

Recurring dream?

It has gotten so bad that she doesn't even want to nap in her room.  She has been napping on my bed or the guest bed in Harrison's room.  I've been like - whatever, I'm not fighting this battle.  As long as she's napping, she can nap wherever she wants.  But at night, she's staying in HER bed!

We have asked more about "the people".  It never changes, she says that it's a boy.  A big boy or a little boy?  She says it's a boy like Evan (my four year old nephew).  What does the boy do?  He scare me.  He spray water on me and scare me.

A few weeks ago my mom came to visit.  She stayed in Harrison's room in the guest bed, Sadie in her own bed.  As usual, we had to go to Sadie's rescue in the night.  The next morning, my mom asked why we sat up talking in the living room after getting Sadie.  We didn't, we took her straight to our bed with us.  She said she could have sworn she heard talking.  hhhmmmm.....

Then this past weekend we went to my parents' house.  Sadie slept with my parents.  Mom told me that Sadie didn't move a muscle and slept all night.  Without any questioning, Sadie told me - I slept so good, no people come to TyTy's house.  The people stay outside and don't come scare me.  Again, hhmmmm......

The past two nights, we let Sadie sleep in the guest bed and put Harrison in her room.  She has slept all night!  Well, she made it to 4:30 the first night and 6:30 this morning.  I consider that a good night.  So this morning she told me - no people come in Harrison's room and scare me, I had good night.

This is beginning to creep me out a bit.  Or a lot.  I wonder if 1-800-GHOSTBUSTERS is a working number.