Friday, October 25, 2013

Goodbye, Sweet Shelli

Well, today didn't go as planned.  I had to say goodbye to my almost thirteen year old dog.  I knew the day was coming (and soon).  I just didn't realize it was going to be today!

Shelli.....that precious little dog who really knew how to drive me crazy the past couple of years.  That precious little dog who has been with me through a lot.  My first teaching job.  Lonely days.  Happy days.  Marriage.  Moves.  Children.  Always there.  Always adoring me, even when I didn't necessarily have the time or energy for her.

We've known for several years that she had a heart murmur, but it wasn't so bad that we had to be concerned.  A few weeks ago, I didn't think she was going to make it through the night.  We took her to a clinic first thing in the morning, they did tests that said her heart was enlarged with fluid on her lungs.  It was suggested that we try heart meds and an antibiotic.  She seemed to be ok a week or so later.

Then this morning I took her to the groomer thinking that this afternoon we'd have her home all fresh and clean.

It was not to be.

The groomer called about an hour after dropping her off saying that she'd had a seizure, but they had her breathing.  I guess it didn't register how bad she was.  She wanted to know if she should take her to the vet for me.  I said that I'd come get her.  I called Kris, he said to just pick her up and he'd take care of things this afternoon.

When I got there, it was a pitiful sight.  I knew she wasn't going to last much longer.  I was at a loss and couldn't think straight - how was I going to get her to the vet with the two kids?  Poor pup couldn't sit up or walk....I didn't want her to die in my arms.  The groomer asked if I wanted her to go with me.  YES!  She was a lifesaver.  She held Shelli the whole way - talking to her and petting her.  She was like - you know, this is like losing my own.  I hadn't thought of that.  She's known Shelli almost as long as I have had her!

I am also appreciative of the vet - they were so quick getting us into a room and not wasting time with lots of questions.  We were in and out of the office within fifteen to twenty minutes.  How strange to have a dog be part of your life for almost thirteen years and then only have a few minutes with her at the end to say goodbye.

She was an annoying dog, yes.  But she was MY dog.  And she will be missed.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What in the World is Happening?!

Life is busy.  Life is crazy.  But I'm ok with that.  I'm not ok, though, with the past two days.

Let me go back to last week, though.

Monday morning we had to take my car to the "car doctor" for regular maintenance.  Sadie goes to school on Mondays, and I had MOPS last week.   Got home, still had to get the kids and myself dressed - it was a mad dash.  I found myself saying over and over to Sadie to eat so she could get dressed.  We're late!  Finally got them dressed, bags packed, and almost ready to go.  I went outside to put all the bags in the car and came back to two crying/screaming children.  Poor Harrison was really screaming.  I looked at him, and all I could see was blood.....where is it coming from?  Inside his mouth?  Outside his mouth?  I did see blood coming from inside, but I also noticed a slice on the outside.  I called Kris in a panic - like he could help or something from his office.  Harrison finally settled down, I could see that his lip was still firmly attached to his face, so I got them in the car.  Took Sadie to her class (late) and had some ladies help me clean up Harrison.  I still have no idea how he sliced himself.  Then it was off to MOPS with a still bleeding child.  My friend and I were planning to go to lunch after our meeting, but the nursery workers said that Harrison was exhausted.  Yeah, he fell asleep almost as soon as we got in the car - no lunch outing for us.  Blah blah blah, the rest of the day was crazy too.

Tuesday I decided to take the kids to the zoo for Zoo Boo!  I got them dressed in Halloween shirts, got Sadie pumped about all the Halloween decor and candy that would be waiting for us.....we get there, and oops.  Zoo Boo didn't start until Friday.  Sorry, S.  Tuesday afternoon was gymnastics.  I picked up a pizza on the way home because Kris wasn't home.  I don't even remember where he was.

Wednesday - got kids to school, doctor appointment, errands.  Pick up kids, Harrison had not napped, home to put him in bed rather than taking them for ice cream like I had planned.  Back to church for dinner, choir, AWANAS.  Tired.

Thursday - Don't even remember.  Oh, yes I do.  Lunch with friends and then dinner with Kris and a work associate, had to drop kids off at a friend's because we couldn't find a sitter.  I think I contacted five people.  My kids are sweet.  Why is it so hard to find a babysitter?!

Friday - picked my car up from the shop, took my goddaughter to Chuck E Cheese for an early birthday celebration.

Saturday - early morning fun run, wedding, football game.

Sunday - church, naps, grocery store with two kids in the rain

Monday - and this is where is really gets exciting!  Because I know it hasn't been exciting enough.  Kris left early for the airport.  I got Sadie to school.  I got an email saying that his flight had been canceled due to mechanical problems.  He was searching for another flight.  No luck.  He called to say that he was going to have to reschedule his meeting and was going to work.  Another call - he was at Starbucks and his vehicle wouldn't start.  Thankfully he was close to home and not at the airport.  I picked him up, he called roadside assistance.  Took him back to meet roadside assistance.  Still won't start, so they called a tow truck.  Picked him up again, then he gets another call that the truck would be there sooner than they said.  He had to turn right back around.  I told him he got to pick up Sadie from school since Harrison was napping.  Everyone was home until I had to leave to go to Ronald McDonald House to serve dinner with some fellow members of my Sunday School class.  Oh, and since Kris was supposed to be out of town, I had to get someone from church to help me find a sitter to keep the kids while I was serving.  Since Kris ended up being home, I had to cancel the sitter that was such a hassle to find!

Today - Yesterday I asked Sadie what she wanted to do.  She wanted to mousekercize (go to childcare at the gym) and then to the park with her friends.  I emailed some friends asking if they wanted to meet us at the park for a picnic.  Great!  Get everyone dressed, in the car, car took a long time starting.  Something was weird.  Dropped off the kids and called Kris to warn him.  Class over, back in the car, car would NOT start.  Again, thankfully we were close to home.  I put Harrison in the stroller and we started walking home.  Talked to Kris, emailed my friend who was to meet us at the park.  Kris called the shop that we JUST got my car out of, he said to call a tow truck.  Got home, packed a picnic, back to the rec center to meet my friend who was able to meet us at a different park, tow truck came, my vehicle left, we walked back home.  And here I sit.  AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Seriously?  Two dead cars at the same time?!  I asked Kris if we had any unconfessed sin that we need to address.

So, what in the world is happening?  Well, I guess life is happening.  And we have to just roll with the punches.  And laugh.  And figure out how to get the kids to Sadie's gymnastics class this afternoon when we only have a two seater vehicle in operation.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dull Moments Do Not Exist

We all know the saying "never a dull moment".  That could not be more true for me, thanks to my dear children.  And dogs.  And just life in general.

(Warning:  the following snippets will contain the word poop more than once.  So, if that is too much for you to handle, stop reading now.)

Yesterday was going to be a chill kind of day.  With no definite plans, we were going to just hang out and do whatever pleased us.  However, by around 11:00, I thought we should get out for some fresh air.  Perhaps it would be hot and humid air, but we'd be out of the house.  Actually, it wasn't miserably hot yet, so I suggested to Sadie that we go to the park and maybe even take a picnic.  Or we could go pick up food and take it to the park to eat.  I figured I'd be killing two birds - wear them out before nap time and not mess up the kitchen with lunch.

Did Sadie agree to my plan?  No.  OK, Sadie, what would you like to do then?  Her response - go to the backyard and pick up dog poop.  What?  I just laughed and went on to the next thing.  She then comes to me with two plastic grocery bags and said "come on!"  To the back yard we went.  She didn't really pick up any dog poop, but she sure pretended to.  After our poop patrol was over with and the kids had played, we went inside and scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed our hands.

On to lunch and naps, no problem.

After naps, it was time for Sadie's first gymnastics class!  She was excited, I was excited, and Harrison was excited too!  At least he seemed to be.  This is my first experience with this sort of extracurricular activity.  I mean, she's had swim lessons at our neighborhood rec center, but it was very laid back.  Uhm, not this gymnastics place.  Oh my!  People everywhere!  Moms, dads, nannies, siblings - aaahhhh!!!  Sadie did a great job and went right in without looking back.  I had so much fun watching her, but not so much fun keeping Harrison contained and happy for an hour.

By the time we left, I was exhausted.  Not to mention developing a migraine.  I sort of felt it coming on earlier in the day, but it was really hitting me by the time we left.  Shame on me for ever leaving the house without my Rx.  In the car Sadie said that her tummy was so hungry for Chicken Away.  I love my child.  Who am I to argue with her, especially since daddy is out of town?  So to CFA we went.  Things were going well until we were almost finished.....

I knew this day was coming.  Sadie informs me in a voice loud enough for all around me to hear - mom, I gotta go poop!  Sadie, ssshhhh!!  I assumed she was just ready to get up from the table.  Wrong.  She told me to get Harrison and let's go!  She was at the bathroom door before I had Harrison out of the high chair.  And once I finally got to the bathroom door, she was in a stall with her pants down.  Oh dear, she's serious.  I have real issues with public restrooms, so this was sort of like a nightmare for me. She is taking care of her business while I'm chasing Harrison in the handicap sized stall, trying to keep him from touching everything.  I'm embarrassed to say we were in there a while.

Remember that migraine that I'd felt coming on earlier?  Yeah, it was really making itself known by this time.

No way we were finishing our meal after spending so much time in that public restroom stall.  And of course Harrison pooped while we were in there.  Did I take a diaper inside with me?  Nope.  And of course it was family night with a clown making balloon animals and making faces.  Sadie really wanted her arm painted.  But you know what?  You can't get everything in life, right?  I had just spent more time than I'm comfortable with in the bathroom (so sorry, CFA), my boy has a dirty diaper, and my head is killing me!  Sorry, Sadie, I'll let you put on some of my makeup when we get home.

My plan was to run into the grocery store for milk after we ate.  How did we go through two gallons of milk since Friday?!  Instead, I put two stinky/germy kids into the car and did what any person in their right mind would do.  I got back into the CFA drive thru and ordered two milks.  And an ice cream cone.  If anything was going to help my head at this point, ice cream would.

How do I wrap this up without it being too abrupt?  I don't know.  But I was lying in bed with Sadie, it was quiet, she was calm, all that could be heard was the a/c.  She whispered - hey mom, what's that noise?  The air conditioner.  Nope, it's my stomach.  Like I said, dull moments do not exist.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Who Am I?

Kris had to take a personality test for work.  It was fun reading his results, the majority of what it said was right on.  I told him I wanted to take the test also.  Then I changed my mind.  Did I really want to know that much about myself?  But then I changed my mind again.  Why not?

The test was geared towards those who work outside the home.  I decided to answer questions based on how I would have answered while teaching.  The first mistake I made was taking the test while the kids were awake.  I had them settled in front of the television (props to me, super mom) I thought. I finished the first portion of the test while yelling into another room to answer questions and respond to comments like - hey mom, where's Cinderella?  Momma, Harrison going up the stairs!  Hey, Harrison got the remote in his mouth!  Etc., etc., etc.  Just like I'm doing right now as I attempt to write this.

The second half of the test required seven minutes of my time.  That's asking a lot.  I waited until Harrison was in bed for a little nap before starting it.  Sadie can easily watch seven minutes of tv without getting distracted.  ha ha ha ha ha ha.  I laugh.  I began the test which was full of mathematical questions and questions I really needed to focus on.  I was about two minutes in when Sadie decided to join me.  She was crawling on me, talking to me, and doing things that required me to stop and say - Sadie, are you crazy?  Don't do that!  No wonder my session expired before I finished.  aaahhhhh!!!

I got the results a couple of days later.  There were some comments made that were very true and some that were very wrong.  Let's explore the depths of my personality, shall we?

- You tend to be comfortable making decisions

Uhm, that's a negative.  I have to get opinions/suggestions from Kris, mom, friends, and sometimes even strangers before making many decisions.  I buy stuff, I return it.  I don't buy stuff, yet go back more than once trying to decide if I really want or need it.  I make or don't make decisions based on how others might react and feel.  If it will hurt someone's feelings, it makes decision making that much worse.

- you tend to be more direct with your communications 
Just ask Kris how wrong this is.

- You tend to be more comfortable than most people with confrontational situations
- Your higher than average comfort level with confrontation may cause you to be more direct with others than they are comfortable with.
Could anything be more wrong?  I avoid confrontation at all costs.  Example:  My housekeeper.  I haven't been happy with her for a while.  We can't communicate because of a language barrier.  But I am able to translate things online.  However, I shy away from translating things that are confrontational.  Even if it is to tell her that I need her to clean something differently/better.  The thing is, she's a nice lady, never missed a day, always on time.  I have psyched myself up two weeks in a row now to tell her that we won't be needing her starting in September.  I chickened out last week.  And again this week.  I was prepared.  Until she walked in, picked up Harrison, hugged him, gave him a kiss, and said - I like him!  She would have been crushed if I broke the news to her.  What am I to do?!

There are more things that I do not agree with, but now let me see if I can find anything in the results that I DO agree with.....

- Tends to be friendly and sociable, but also able to work alone when necessary

I try to be friendly and sociable, but I do prefer working alone.

- Work environments that are highly team oriented and require Traci to continually collaborate with others in order to accomplish tasks will be less motivating

Yeah, I'm not good with team/group work.  I NEVER liked group work in school - I'd much rather do it myself.  And team planning at school was a killer for me.

- Tends to be distractible and easy going when it comes to details and plans
Yep.  Details?  Who needs 'em?
- Traci prefers an environment where they can simply react to what's going on versus planning ahead

Yep again.  My best lessons at school were the ones that just came to me in the middle of teaching that I was able to expand on.

So, based on this test, I'm not a very nice person at times - confrontational, doesn't work well with others, blah blah blah.  Perhaps I should retake the test when I'm not refereeing two kids, because I was totally confrontational with them during the test taking time!  So, the question still remains....who am I?  The world may never know.

I have no idea what happened to the formatting of this....this page and the preview page look totally different, and I'm not smart enough (nor do I really care - you know, details....who needs 'em?) to play  with it for fear of really making a mess of it.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This and That and Happy National Hot Dog Day!

So many random things running through my mind.  Where do I begin?

It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that one year ago this morning I got out of bed and thought - something doesn't feel right.  I think this is it.  I woke Kris and told him to get ready, today was baby day.  It only took a few minutes for contractions to set in.  Blah blah blah, Harrison showed up after midnight.

I'm not a pretty pregnant girl.  And I'm not a pretty just gave birth 24 hours or so ago girl.  So when Princess Kate made her appearance a couple of hours ago looking all beautiful and glowy and not swollen, I thought - yeah, she's a princess alright.  Who else can look that great the day after giving birth.  (actually, I know a couple of girls like that.  So not fair.)  And then I flash back to my fascination with Princes Di.  And my crush on Prince William.  I sure thought he was a cutie.

Wow, I am so rambling.

This morning I woke up planning on going to Jazzercise.  However, my kids decided to actually sleep late this morning.  So late that I gave up on the idea of making it to the gym in time for my class.  About fifteen minutes before it was to begin, I look outside, and there are my in-laws.  What are they doing here?  This wasn't planned.  Surprise!  They said that I knew they were coming.  Wrong.  Whatever, it gave me an opportunity to go to the gym after all!

Drill Sergeant was the instructor today, so I always feel like I get a really good workout when she's in the lead.  I came home sweaty.  In-laws left, Sadie was hungry.  What was I craving?  A pretzel dog from Sonic!  Boy, they have good marketing people.  I've been wanting to try one ever since seeing the first commercial advertising them.  So, we loaded up and headed to Sonic.  (which isn't in the most convenient location, by the way.  But when you crave a pretzel dog....)  I mean, I had a good workout thanks to Drill Sergeant, didn't I?  I can afford a trip to Sonic.

Little did I know that today was National Hot Dog Day and Sonic would be offering $1 chili cheese dogs.  Who knew so many people would know about this day and be lined up?  I place my order, the girl repeated it, then a long pause.......I'm sorry, we're out of pretzel buns.  Can we make your pretzel dog with a regular hot dog bun?  Are you serious?  Then it's NOT a pretzel dog anymore.  ggggrrrrr!!!!!  I told her to cancel the whole order and I was going to start over.  I did end up with a $1 dog, though.  But not what my taste buds were set for.

Anyway....all of that to say....Happy Birthday yesterday, Prince XYZ.  Almost Happy Birthday, Harrison.  And Happy National Hot Dog Day, Nation!  Everyone go out and eat some cake and a hot dog.  Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Am I On Candid Camera?

I love getting pedicures.  For several reasons.  I like the little foot and leg massage that go along with it. I like the way my feet look and feel when they're finished.  I don't like feet, even my own, so it's best that someone else (poor ladies) deal with them.  It never fails that I get comments like - you need deluxe.  You feet very dry.  You need wear shoes and socks.  I know.  I know.  I know.  I have dry yucky feet and heels.

Kris is not a fan of my feet either.  So today I finally went to see a dermatologist about them.  Kris got a recommendation from a co-worker for this particular doctor.  The recommendation came with a sort of "warning"....that this doc was old school.  Doesn't even take insurance - come prepared with cash or check.  Uhm, the old school comment, that was an understatement.

I walk into the office and am hit in the face with a smell.  The smell of an antique store?  Your great-grandfather's house?  Interesting.  Then I try to take in my surroundings.  Wood paneling.  In a doctor's office?  Old dishes and candlesticks on top of (I'm sitting here trying to think of what they were on top of) old pieces of furniture.  There was a big glass case or something right in front of the receptionist's window that you had to lean way over to sign in.  Oh, and the receptionist.  A bit ghetto, maybe?  Talking to the kid playing with puzzles on the floor next to her chair.

I sign in and hear a nasty rattling cough.  Yeah, that was coming from the 89 year old lady in a corner working on files.  I take my seat in a rickety chair to fill out my new patient paperwork as I watch the lady and young girl in the waiting living room (not a waiting room, not a living room, a sort of combo) eat their Handi Snacks.  Where am I?!  Should I run now?

I hear my name called.  I look up to find the doctor.  Oh, but you see, this wasn't just any ol' doctor.  This was a man who might weigh 95 pounds soaking wet with his stained white Wrangler jeans on.  Take off his black cowboy boots and he might only weigh 90 pounds.  I follow him into a room while checking out his denim Wrangler shirt.  He told me to have a seat, he sat across from me.  And that's when I had a hard time focusing on anything other than his eyebrows.  His Andy Rooney eyebrows.  And his out of control hair.  And his black teeth.

This is a joke.  Right?  This MUST be a joke.

What brings you in today?  My heels.  He puts on his chemist safety goggle-like glasses to take a look.  Oh, come on.  They're not THAT bad.  It was a very quick look before he started telling me of the prescription he was going to give me for some sort of acid.  Yeah, acid.  Maybe my heels are that bad.

He's writing out my Rx.  I'm checking out more old dishes and candlesticks in the room.  And all I can say is - I like all your collections.

Prescription in hand, I go back to write my check for the visit.  The receptionist had to first stop talking to the lady behind the counter bottle feeding her baby to tell me the amount.  I quickly wrote my check and almost tripped over what I could have sworn was a camera on my way out.

Yeah, I was on Candid Camera.  Surely I was.

(Oh, and he told me to call back in a month to let him know that everything is perfect.  I'm almost positive he won't be getting a call back from me.  I wonder if he still uses a rotary phone....)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Feeling Old

Last night I had dinner with three dear friends.  We keep in touch through email and texts and voicemail and Facebook.  But last night we actually got to SEE each other.  Live and in person!  It was a great time of catching up.

As we were talking, one friend said that if she had a choice between a million dollars and a full night's sleep in her bed, she'd probably take her bed.  Another said - my bones are creaking!  Someone chimed in with what do you think about Botox?  Well, I was recently told that I had wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, so that might not be a bad idea.  We all dream of going to Target during the day.  Alone.  With makeup on.  Our bodies are going south.  I spoke up - girls, we're not THAT old.

But today I felt it.  At least a little bit.  I had to go to the middle of nowhere and my gas light came on.  I found a station with old pumps.  I mean, I was able to use my credit card at the pump, so they weren't THAT old, but....anyway.  I took off the gas cap and could not get the nozzle in.  At all.  I tried.  And tried.  And bent over to look in for a better look.  What is wrong with this thing?  I put the gas cap back in, canceled my transaction.  Then I tried again.  I'm going to figure this thing out!  There were two men at a pump near me who were probably being entertained.  I came close to asking for help.  Then I realized I had the diesel pump nozzle thing.  Hhmmm...who knew they were different sizes.  Good thing they are!  So yeah, I felt old and dumb.

Then I went to Old Navy.  The shorts are all too short.  The dresses are too thin and clingy.  Who wants to wear a strapless bra with those shirts with weird straps and cutouts?  But that's not what made me feel old.  It was the music.  Oh my gosh, the music.  Not only did I not understand it, but it was loud.  Annoyingly loud.  So loud that it was making me very anxious and almost jittery and tempted to ask someone to check the volume.  Why must it be so loud?!  Not that I want Kenny G being piped in for my listening pleasure.  I don't even care if I could understand the music, just turn it down!!!  I thought - get me out of here, I'm too old for this!

So yeah, I might not be that old.  But I sure am feeling it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seven Whole Years

Kris measures our marriage in dog years, so actually it could read Thirty-five Whole Years.  Anyway.... ok, I started thinking about this after I posted it originally, and I promise I know how to multiply.  It should be Forty-nine Whole Years, not Thirty-five.  Wow.  That's embarrassing.  ha!

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.  Aawwww, you might say.  Yeah, it was spent taking care of a sick little boy.  Romantic, huh?  And according to my Timehop app, last year's anniversary was spent taking care of a sick little girl.  Good grief.

A few months ago I mentioned here that you should hear my wedding story.  Since yesterday was our anniversary, I thought it was time to share.

As in typical Traci fashion when it comes to the dramatics during major life events, I didn't fail myself in the least for my wedding.

I love weddings and everything about them.  Always have.  My grandmother made wedding cakes, directed and catered wedding, she was a jack of all trades.  I tagged along to who knows how many weddings starting at a very young age.  I would dream about my wedding - the dress, the cake, the ceremony, the flowers, etc., etc.

I finally had everything I needed for a wedding.  I couldn't wait for school to be out so I could go home and do all the last minute wedding stuff - exciting times!

The Tuesday before my wedding, I wasn't feeling so great.  Nerves?  Excitement?  Surely I wasn't getting sick.  Then something hit me on Wednesday.  Full force.  By Thursday I was throwing up.  I'm being completely honest when I say I hadn't thrown up in years.  Many years.  But of course I had to break that record the week of my wedding.  I remember vividly lying on my parents' couch and couldn't get up in time before I started losing whatever was in my stomach.  I called my dad crying and said that I just couldn't stop throwing up and couldn't make it to the bathroom or outside.  Sweet daddy came back to the house as quickly as he could to clean up my mess and help take care of me.

There is just something wrong with this picture.  I was supposed to be enjoying my wedding week.  I had things to do!  Mom was getting to do all the fun stuff without me!  Kris and his parents arrived on Thursday.  They all had a nice dinner together while I was miserable.  I wanted to lose weight before my wedding, but that's not how it should be done.

Friday afternoon, I had to pull myself together and find the strength to go to the rehearsal and dinner.  I made it, but I couldn't eat.  I just sat staring at a plate of fajitas wishing I could eat something.

My friend and I stayed in a hotel that Friday night.  That's the wild and crazy thing to do in Carthage - stay in a hotel on the loop rather than at your parents' house the night before you get married.  I woke up on the morning of my wedding, and I was ravenous!  And what was the only thing that would satisfy my extreme hunger?  Popcorn chicken from Sonic.  I left a note next to my sleeping friend and went to Sonic.  Classy, huh?  I felt much better.

Fast forward a few hours.....getting ready at the church.  I notice that mom and some others were sort of whispering.  Finally they broke the news.  My dad was sick.  Remember how I said he was having to clean up my mess?  Yeah, his turn now.  On my wedding day!  My mom asked me if I'd rather have my brother or Pops walk me down the aisle.  What?!  No, this isn't happening!  Thankfully, though, daddy (very weakly) was able to walk me to my groom.  But that's about it.  The ceremony hadn't been going on very long when I caught a glimpse of him leaving.  He came back into the church just before we were pronounced husband and wife.  We took some pictures after the ceremony, and that was the last I saw of my dad that day.

In the chaos of more pictures and getting to the reception, I didn't realize that my brother left with my dad.  He had to drive him home and get him in bed.  By the time my brother made it back to the reception, it was almost over.

aaaahhhhh!!!  Did anything go as planned?  I look back at my wedding and sort of laugh.  Did I get to have a fun wedding week?  No.  Did the reception get set up as I wanted it to?  Not exactly.  Did my dad get to enjoy the day?  No.  But did I marry the man God made for me?  Yes.  That's all that matters.

So, here's to seven thirty-five more wonderful years!  Make that Forty-Nine!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three Years Ago

Yesterday I filled you in bored you with my labor story, so this is part two for those of you who've been so anxiously waiting.....

OK, so pitocin, contractions, epidural, check check check.  I went from 0 to 9 pretty quickly.  By now everyone has gathered at the hospital - my parents, Kris's parents, my brother and his family.  Everyone was in and out of the room, all is going as it should.

It was almost midnight when it was time to push.  I pushed.  And pushed.  And pushed some more.  I was beginning to think that the nurse thought I was some wimp and didn't know how to push.  But believe me, I was giving it my all.  Then it was determined that the baby's head was turned to the side.  Yeah, that wasn't going to work.

As my luck would have it, my doctor had jury duty so wasn't on call.  That was disappointing.  But an older doctor (who we found out was one of the top dogs at the hospital) was there to help me out.  Around 1:15 a.m., the doc said that our options were either a c-section or forceps.  He was sure to add that "I'm really good with forceps.".  Kris said - well, go get them!  I guess I didn't have a say in the situation.

(Before all the pushing began, I made it clear that I didn't want the baby put on my chest right after he/she was born.  I wanted him/her cleaned up before I held him/her.  I know, where's my love, right?) There were about 23 people in the delivery room by this time.  At least that's what it felt like to me.  This doctor didn't know me.  I didn't know him.  It was not awkward at all.  Forceps ready, one push, I hear Kris saying "oh my goodness, oh my goodness", and the baby was here!

I never wanted to know the sex of the baby.  Ever.  I've always wanted that exciting moment when the doctor announces - it's a boy!  Or it's a girl!  Well, this stranger who just delivered my baby didn't know that.  I'm crying.  Kris has left my side.  They (all 23 of those people in my room) were working on me.  After I calm down enough to audibly and clearly speak, I ask - what is it?  And the doc replies all nonchalantly and matter of factly - it's a girl.  Oh.  Ok.  So there's that anticlimactic moment I'd been waiting for all my life.

I quickly got over it, because...I had a girl!  A baby!  A child I'd been dreaming of all my life and prayed for for so many years.  My precious, bruised, answered prayer, looks exactly like her daddy Sadie Anne.

And life has never been the same.  What a joy!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Thinking Back.....

(I have one loyal reader who is always telling me to blog more.  Loyal Reader, this is for you.)

Has it really been three years?  Wow.  It has.  Sadie's birthday is tomorrow.  So, on the eve of her big day, I'm thinking back to what happened on June 3, 2010.

I guess I should go back a bit further than that.  A few weeks leading up to my due date at one of my appointments, the doc said that something "didn't feel right", so she sent me to have an ultrasound.  That worried me a bit, especially since I was at the appointment alone.  Everything was fine, but the next week Kris went with me to my appointment.  This time, my blood pressure was pretty high.  She sent me straight to the hospital with the words - we might be having a baby today.  Got to the hospital, hooked up, Kris ran home to get my suitcase, came back, they dismissed me.  I was fine.  The next week, she wanted me to have another ultrasound - we might be having a baby today.  Kris was with me, but once again, everything was fine.

The following week, I told Kris not to take off work again.  I was like - you know the track record, no need to come with me, but if it will make you feel better, your mom can come along.  A few days before the appointment, my mom was with me helping me around the house.  She went back home on a Tuesday.  On that Thursday, the 3rd, I had plans for Kris's mom to help me shop.  I wanted to get some essentials stocked at the house....milk, bread, detergent, toilet paper, you know, important stuff.  So we shopped.  We then met Kris's dad for lunch.  As we were leaving and telling him goodbye, I laughed and said - I'll see you at the hospital tonight!  Little did I know that I am a prophetess of some sort.

We came home to drop off all the goods before getting right back out for my appointment.  I ran to the bathroom before leaving.  Something was kind of weird, but everything is weird when you're pregnant, so I dismissed it.

I park on the top level of the parking garage, get out of the car, and....what was that?  Walk to the elevator, and I mumbled to my mother-in-law - I think my water just broke.  Uhm, yeah, by the time I get on the elevator with a bunch of people.  Great.  Then I start crying.  From embarrassment.  My MIL was like - you can't see anything.  Seriously?  My pants are soaked.  And it wouldn't stop!  I quickly made it to the bathroom in the lobby area of my doctor's building.  So I'm calling the nurse from a bathroom stall - my water just broke, do I come to the office or go on to the hospital.  She asked where I the bathroom downstairs!  She told me to come on up to get checked.

(are you bored yet?  or disgusted?  I feel like this is very boring so far.)

On the elevator I called Kris and sent my mom a text.  Kris asked - do I need to leave work now?  Did he really have to ask?  Upstairs, there is a line to check in.  Of course there's a line as I'm standing there soaked and crying.  Why did I wait my turn?  It's finally my turn, I get up to the counter, and the lady said - can you hold on a minute?  aaahhhh!!  I did hold on for a few seconds before speaking up - my water just broke.  She jumped up and said - oh, honey!  Rushed back to a room, the doc came in and asked me if I was sure that was what happened.  Yep, no doubt.  She wanted to check anyway.  Oh, come on!

As I'd told her, it was my water, so she told me to go on to the hospital.  I figured that surely they had some sort of underground tunnel to transport such patients as me from the offices to the hospital (everything is on the same "campus").  Or at least a golf cart.  Or clean/dry clothes.  Nope.  She told me that if anyone sees a pregnant lady around that area with wet pants, they know what has happened and I shouldn't be embarrassed.  Easy for her to say.

I walk to the hospital, they got me in a room, Kris and my parents were on their way.....contractions still hadn't started, so they started me on pitocin.  It didn't take long for them to kick in after that.  And it didn't take long after that for me to cry "uncle" and get an epidural.  So now we wait.

To be continued.....

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is Life

So the last few days....yeah, they've been less than ideal.  We'd been looking forward to a long weekend with Kris at home.  Big plans.  Big as in running errands as a family, going to the pool, eating out, etc.  We're crazy like that.

But all it takes is one mean stomach bug to kill the crazy.

I'll try to spare all the details, but it began Saturday morning.  I woke up feeling yuk.  I figured it was just the migraine I was recovering from.  I got over it by the afternoon, though.  I hadn't eaten anything all day, and all that sounded good to me was a Whataburger milkshake.  That can cure close to anything.  Sadie went for the ride and got one also.  She couldn't drink too much by the time we got home because it was too frozen.  We walk in the back door, she put her milkshake down, said no thank you, and threw up.  Nice.  She seemed totally fine leading up to that and immediately following.  hhhmmm....I thought that maybe she had just choked, gagged, something to make her throw up.  Wrong.

We'd been having yard work done all day, and one of the guys came to the front door to ask me something.  I was holding Harrison at the time who was screaming about something.  I had stepped outside and closed the door to keep the dog from escaping.  Then Sadie opened the door, shirt off, mumbled something, and puked out the door....landing at the guy's feet.  Possibly even getting on his shoes.  Sorry, dude.  He was like - oh, she's sick, we'll take care of it (it being the question he was asking, not the puke, unfortunately).  Then she threw up again.  I wanted to do the same.  Harrison was still crying, she started crying, and I had a big mess on my hands.

The next few days get all jumbled in my memory because, well, vomit will do that to you.  Then it was the fever.  And "the other".  And our crazy fun weekend plans went down the drain.

To sum things up....

If she isn't asleep, this is the expression she's kept on her face since Saturday.

I know these bugs just have to run their course, but by yesterday afternoon I thought that it should be better by now.  I called to talk to a nurse.  She said that it has been going on too long and I should bring her in.  I kept hoping she'd wake up this morning all better so I could cancel the appointment.  No such luck.  I took her to the doc, and what did she say?  It just has to run its course.  Really?  Thanks, nurse, for telling me to come in.  Wonder how much that one line of advice cost me?  

She fell asleep on the way home, took a long nap, still refuses to drink Pedialyte or Gatorade, hasn't eaten more than a few crackers in a few what do I do?  I continue to sit and hold her, let her be a baby and milk this sickness.  I mean, she's going to be three next week.  I can't sit and hold her forever, might as well take advantage while I can.  Even if she is sick.  So while I sit and hold her, I let Harrison do this:

Who says tv is bad for kids?  Well, maybe it is.  But it sure is good for mommy!

So, life goes on.  And so does the constant disinfecting of our home.  

Friday, April 26, 2013

The People

Sadie has never been a good sleeper.  We all know that.  But a few months ago, it was getting really bad.  Sadie, what's wrong?  Why do you not like your room?  The people.  The people in my room.  What people?  The boy.  The boy wake me up.

So I just figured she'd had a bad dream.

It continued....Kris or I have to get in bed with her until she falls asleep, sneak out, only to wake up to her screams a few hours later.  The people scare me!  The people wake me up!

Recurring dream?

It has gotten so bad that she doesn't even want to nap in her room.  She has been napping on my bed or the guest bed in Harrison's room.  I've been like - whatever, I'm not fighting this battle.  As long as she's napping, she can nap wherever she wants.  But at night, she's staying in HER bed!

We have asked more about "the people".  It never changes, she says that it's a boy.  A big boy or a little boy?  She says it's a boy like Evan (my four year old nephew).  What does the boy do?  He scare me.  He spray water on me and scare me.

A few weeks ago my mom came to visit.  She stayed in Harrison's room in the guest bed, Sadie in her own bed.  As usual, we had to go to Sadie's rescue in the night.  The next morning, my mom asked why we sat up talking in the living room after getting Sadie.  We didn't, we took her straight to our bed with us.  She said she could have sworn she heard talking.  hhhmmmm.....

Then this past weekend we went to my parents' house.  Sadie slept with my parents.  Mom told me that Sadie didn't move a muscle and slept all night.  Without any questioning, Sadie told me - I slept so good, no people come to TyTy's house.  The people stay outside and don't come scare me.  Again, hhmmmm......

The past two nights, we let Sadie sleep in the guest bed and put Harrison in her room.  She has slept all night!  Well, she made it to 4:30 the first night and 6:30 this morning.  I consider that a good night.  So this morning she told me - no people come in Harrison's room and scare me, I had good night.

This is beginning to creep me out a bit.  Or a lot.  I wonder if 1-800-GHOSTBUSTERS is a working number.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be Still My Heart

Things that make my heart skip a beat:

My man and my girl

My men

Going outside and finding Sadie singing If You're Happy and You Know It with Harrison while doing the hand motions for him.

And yes, yellow bunny Peeps.  Not any of those weird purple or blue colors out there, and only the bunnies will do.  Please, no chicks.  Yellow Peeps, people!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

At It Again

If you've kept up with my blog for a while, like a long while, you might recall my adventures in Jazzercise.    I really did enjoy the class.  Until my pregnancy with Harrison.  No way could I continue to go.  I would be running to the bathroom every eight counts know.  Do what women do who have extreme morning sickness.  Anyway, that was the end of my Jazzercise career.  For a while anyway.

Harrison is here, he's seven months old now (eek!  How did that happen?), and I still have lots of Harrison fat all over my body.  So, it was time to join up again.  I've decided that it's best for me to join a class, or else I'd get on a treadmill or some other sort of machine, and once I broke a sweat decide that I'm done.  In a class, I'm stuck for a full hour.  An hour of jumping and twisting and "dancing" and sweating.  

Yesterday I went to a class with an instructor I'd never "danced" with before.  Remember Ronnie from Can't Buy Me Love.  Who could forget him?  Remember this? (I just went back and watched this clip, and it's long.  Longer than necessary.  I'm not smart enough to figure out how to only post the section necessary to get my point across.  Nor am I patient enough to research how to do it.  So just the first couple of minutes are all you need to watch.  If you choose to watch at all.  Heck, you might have stopped reading after the first paragraph, so I'm just wasting my breath right now.)

Yeah, that's how I felt.  Except the crowd didn't watch me and want to copy my every move.  I'm just not that cool.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Picture is Worth....A Lot!!

There are many reasons why I do not like living far from my parents.  I miss them.  I would love for Sadie and Harrison to grow up close to them.  I want the kids to be able to play with their cousins regularly.  And I don't like living far from my parents for selfish reasons also.  I can't just call and say - hey, I'm bringing the kids over so I can clean, cook, run errands, workout, etc.

My house is in a constant state of...mess.  I can't go to the gym since I need childcare, so that's one of my excuses for being fat.  (actually, I could, but I'm not ready to drop off Harrison at some random room with dirty toys and a teenager.)  I go to the grocery store and end up with three bags of goldfish crackers, string cheese, some fruit and milk, but nothing to make a meal with.  It's 10:30 by the time I'm ready to leave the house, so that doesn't leave much time to do anything before needing to be home for Sadie's nap.

All of this to say, I need a little help.  Kris thinks I need a lot of help.  And all of this makes me feel like such a failure.  I'm facing the facts, though, something's gotta give.  So, the search is on.  I think my expectations are a bit unrealistic.  I want someone who I can call on a couple days a week in the morning, but not necessarily the same day every week.  I have things come up, I might have a play date for the kids, and I don't want to turn these things down because I have a scheduled sitter at my home.

Anyway, I've been searching on two different websites.  Let me tell you who I am going to immediately pass over and not even give a second chance.  Please don't post a glamour shot.  If I can't decide if they're wearing shorts or panties, I will not contact them.  Surely they can find someone to take a snapshot - I will not look at a profile if they are dressed for a night out on the town and decide that's a good time to snap a picture of themselves sitting in their car.  If the picture has a gold/orange tint to it and makes me think that it was taken in 1987, I will pass right over.  Some look like they would steal from me.  Nope.  OK, so I don't want a glamour shot, I don't want you dressed for a night on the town, but at least a little makeup would be nice.  Not even makeup.  Just dress as though you care.  A little.

Then I find pictures that are acceptable.  When reading the profile, if it's obvious they are not proficient in English, I will have to keep searching.  I need them to be able to communicate with my children.  If grammar and punctuation are a mess, most likely you will not be hired by me.

I want a younger girl who is educated and loves children.  Sounds easy enough.  But it's not.  If I want them young and educated, they're probably in school and can't help in the mornings.  Or if they are young and educated, I would hope they'd be able to get a "real" job.

Blah blah blah....this is tough.  Are there any young educated girls who know how to take a decent picture out there who would enjoy playing with my kids for a few hours each week?  We shall see.  Wish me luck as the search continues!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Date Night: Then and Now

I realize that this is very natural and not unusual, but last night it hit me.  Kris and I are like a real married couple with young kids.  When did this happen?  It's weird.  But great.  And often stressful.  But fun.

While dating, Kris and I were very casual.  Seriously dating, but our dates were casual.  Nothing really over the top or necessarily romantic.  We would hang out at home, I sit here trying to reflect on our past dating life, I cannot really remember dates.  Whatever.  Anyway....

Our church has a Kid/Parents' Night Out once a month.  Last night was that night.  Children get to play with their friends at church from 6-10:00.  So, it's 5:30 and I'm sitting at the table with wet hair feeding Harrison.  No makeup.  Sadie is running around doing who knows what.  I had just taken a shower but should have waited until after I got sprayed with sweet potatoes and cereal.  Around 5:50, Kris asks what time the kids can be dropped off.  Well, not yet since I'm not ready.  I hurriedly put on makeup, grab the first thing I could find to wear, chase Sadie in order to dress her, get Harrison's bag packed, and we're out the door.  Whew!

We leave the kids at 6:20, but we have no idea what we're going to do.  We'd thought about going to see a movie, but my thoughts were 1. it's expensive to go to the movies, and 2. if I'm sitting still in a dark room, chances are I will fall asleep.  And isn't the point of having a night out with your spouse to converse and catch up on all that you don't get to talk about while kids are around?  So we drive.  Sadie needs some clothes, her wardrobe is worn and quite limited.  OK.  So we go shopping.  For the kids.  Then we went to dinner.  And discussed kids.  What did we talk about before they came along?  The weather, I guess.

The kids were picked up.  Harrison was asleep and Sadie was sleepy.  They both got in bed without any problems.  Time to get ourselves ready for bed.  In the bathroom, Kris is brushing his teeth while I take off my makeup.  I put on my mismatched pajamas, go to bed, and Kris is already there.  Snoring.  And that was our night.

Yep, it's happened.  We are that couple.

(This is completely off topic, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.  While pregnant with Sadie, people were always so nice to help out with advice on things I would and would not need.  One item I heard over and over that was pointless was a diaper wipe warmer.  OK, won't get one of those.  So yesterday I was sitting on the floor changing Harrison's diaper when Sadie came up behind me and put a wipe on the back of my neck.  I jumped!  That thing was COLD!  Seriously.  I yelled, which she thought was hilarious.  She kept putting it on my bare skin.  I didn't like it.  If I didn't like a baby wipe on my neck, I'm sure it can't be comfortable to have your bottom wiped with one.  Poor Harrison.  I'm thinking now that I might need one after all.  Because my children are spoiled.)