Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This and That and Happy National Hot Dog Day!

So many random things running through my mind.  Where do I begin?

It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that one year ago this morning I got out of bed and thought - something doesn't feel right.  I think this is it.  I woke Kris and told him to get ready, today was baby day.  It only took a few minutes for contractions to set in.  Blah blah blah, Harrison showed up after midnight.

I'm not a pretty pregnant girl.  And I'm not a pretty just gave birth 24 hours or so ago girl.  So when Princess Kate made her appearance a couple of hours ago looking all beautiful and glowy and not swollen, I thought - yeah, she's a princess alright.  Who else can look that great the day after giving birth.  (actually, I know a couple of girls like that.  So not fair.)  And then I flash back to my fascination with Princes Di.  And my crush on Prince William.  I sure thought he was a cutie.

Wow, I am so rambling.

This morning I woke up planning on going to Jazzercise.  However, my kids decided to actually sleep late this morning.  So late that I gave up on the idea of making it to the gym in time for my class.  About fifteen minutes before it was to begin, I look outside, and there are my in-laws.  What are they doing here?  This wasn't planned.  Surprise!  They said that I knew they were coming.  Wrong.  Whatever, it gave me an opportunity to go to the gym after all!

Drill Sergeant was the instructor today, so I always feel like I get a really good workout when she's in the lead.  I came home sweaty.  In-laws left, Sadie was hungry.  What was I craving?  A pretzel dog from Sonic!  Boy, they have good marketing people.  I've been wanting to try one ever since seeing the first commercial advertising them.  So, we loaded up and headed to Sonic.  (which isn't in the most convenient location, by the way.  But when you crave a pretzel dog....)  I mean, I had a good workout thanks to Drill Sergeant, didn't I?  I can afford a trip to Sonic.

Little did I know that today was National Hot Dog Day and Sonic would be offering $1 chili cheese dogs.  Who knew so many people would know about this day and be lined up?  I place my order, the girl repeated it, then a long pause.......I'm sorry, we're out of pretzel buns.  Can we make your pretzel dog with a regular hot dog bun?  Are you serious?  Then it's NOT a pretzel dog anymore.  ggggrrrrr!!!!!  I told her to cancel the whole order and I was going to start over.  I did end up with a $1 dog, though.  But not what my taste buds were set for.

Anyway....all of that to say....Happy Birthday yesterday, Prince XYZ.  Almost Happy Birthday, Harrison.  And Happy National Hot Dog Day, Nation!  Everyone go out and eat some cake and a hot dog.  Bon Appetit!

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