Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Target, Oh How I Love (wait, scratch that)...Target, Oh How I Hate You

It happens every time.  What is it about Target that totally sucks me in and drains my pocketbook?  Seriously.  It doesn't happen at Wal-Mart.  But with Target, it happens every time.  And it makes me crazy.

Sadie is at "camp" today, leaving me a day to myself to get some things done.  I needed some Command hooks and dishwashing detergent.  Two items.  I should have been in and out of Target within ten minutes or so and shouldn't have spent more than ten dollars.  ha ha ha ha ha!  Their first marketing strategy is to put the wonderful dollar bins at the front door.  Not to mention that it's school supply time (which totally makes my heart race with excitement).  So, my trip to Target:

ooh, school supplies, I love school supplies!  Little board books for Sadie for one dollar?  Yes, please.  She needs more practice with her numbers and colors.

I have a couple of coupons that expire at the end of the month.  It's like throwing money away if you don't use them, so I might as well pick up a pack of diapers and wipes since I know I'll need them eventually.

Dog food, yeah, the dogs will be out by next week.  I'll go ahead and put that in the cart.

Wait a minute?  Seriously?  Two aisles of summer merchandise 50% off?  Score!  (although, I did show restraint here since I really have no need/room for brightly colored plastic tubs, beach towels, chairs, and ice chests)  I walked away with only two items which were only a dollar each.

I don't have anywhere I NEED to be right now, so I'll keep browsing.  It's kind of nice being able to stroll the aisles.

Wait a minute, what did I come in here for?  Command hooks, that's right.  And detergent.

A couple more little items, and I think I've done enough damage.

So, the lesson for today:  Only go to Target when Sadie is with me and it's close to nap time.  Then there will be no lingering and spending!

(Sorry, Kris!)


Cori said...

I LOVE Target, but the same thing ALWAYS happens to me too! They just have so much cute and necessary stuff! :)

Traci said...

ha ha! I like how you said 'necessary' stuff.

Erin said...

Happens to me ALL THE TIME!! I am convinced that they spray feel good buy more spray in the air...can't get out without spending $50 every time...don't know how it happens...but it does!!

Sarah said...

We were in Target yesterday to buy Larkin some pajamas. When we found them, my husband headed to the checkout line. "Aren't we going to look around?" I pouted. "Do we need anything?" "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!"

I love me some Target!