Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Westbrook Girls: A Day in Our Lives

For those of you who just love hearing the details of my day/life, this is for you.  I'm taking the idea from a couple of other blogs I have recently read.

Thursday, July 28

5:00 a.m. on the dot - Sadie wakes up.  And when Sadie wakes up, it's not a gradual thing.  It's more like HELLO WORLD, I AM AWAKE AND NEED ATTENTION!!  We let her cry for a few minutes before I took her a bottle (which used to be the magic cure for a baby waking up at the wrong time...USED TO be).

5:32 a.m. - Kris, she's been crying for 32 minutes straight (with the exception of the 2.5 minutes it took her to drink the bottle), please go get her and bring her to me.

After tossing and turning a while, she fell asleep.


6:50 - I take her to the potty.  Half asleep, I sit on the floor in front of her and we look at books.  She takes care of her business, I put her big girl panties on her, and the day begins.

7:00 - Good Morning America on one television, Sprout on the other.

7:40ish - Get Kris off to work.

7:50 - put Sadie in her high chair while I make her breakfast

8:15 - I put a load of clothes into the wash, but shame on me, I should have immediately put Sadie on the potty.  I know better than to get distracted when she finishes eating.  Who had a big accident?  It wasn't me.

9:00 - I hear Sadie crying.  I find her standing IN a drawer underneath the television.  That could have been bad - she could have fallen out of the drawer, into the television, television could have fallen on her - aahhhhh!!!

9:30 - Sadie is tired, I put her in bed.  That didn't last.  I had to go bounce her to sleep.  She was out, I put her in bed, and she immediately stands up.  Why was I not surprised?

9:40 - I got her back to sleep, but I had to hold her.  I caught up on a recorded The Little Couple episode while she slept.

10:15 - Sadie wakes up, I take the clothes out of the washer.

I think we need to get out of the house - run a couple of errands, grab some lunch, go to the museum so that we'll be out of the house when the yard crew gets here.

11:30 - finally ready to leave the house - good grief, that only took half a day!

11:37 - get Sadie out of the car, run into a store to pick up a gift I had ordered, back to the car.  What a hassle to get her out for something that only took 60 seconds.  Had I known it was going to be so quick, I might have left her in the car since I was parked at the front door!

11:50 - we went to Michael's.  Sadie, sit down.  Sadie, you can't stand up in the cart.  Sadie, if you stand up again, I'm going to have to buckle you in and you know you hate that.  OK, time to buckle.  There is the whine/cry/scream I knew was coming.  Please don't attract attention, Sadie.  If you SIT, you can get in the big part of the cart.  She actually did well.

12:25 - Buffalo Grill - yum!  After standing in line while holding a wiggling baby and all that goes with a little one ready to eat, it was time to order.  Lunch went well, she was very well behaved and ate a lot!

1:00 - let's go.  I am carrying a to-go box of green beans, a to-go cup, Sadie's sippy cup, a bib, my sunglasses, my keys, and my child.  Sadie loses a shoe.  I squat down to pick it up and get bean juice all down my left leg.  AAAHHHH!  I try to clean myself off and get to the car.  How am I going to unlock my car and get the door open?

1:10 - (yeah, it took a while to get to the car after the green bean mess) Juggling 117 items in my arms, I get the door open, throw Sadie into her car seat, and spill coke all down my right leg - soaking my shorts, going into my shirt and purse.  It should dry soon, I'm still going to the museum.

1:16 - in the car, on the road, I am no longer in the mood to go to the museum, so we turn around and head back home.

1:30 - Sadie is already tired again, but I know if I put her in bed, the yard crew will show up and wake her.  So we go upstairs and play to keep her awake.

2:00 - oh, good, there's the yard crew....but they always eat their lunch in the truck before working on our yard....please, guys, get started so Sadie can go to sleep.

2:20 - GREAT, it's raining!  Praise the Lord.  The yard guys aren't working, but they're aren't going anywhere either.

2:40 - rain stops, the guys get to work.  Sadie has been unhappy for the past hour because she's so tired - she goes between crying and putting her head on my shoulder.

3:15 - I can't put her off any longer, I put her in bed with a bottle.  She drinks it and cries.  I don't blame her.  If I was as tired as she was and the noisy mowers were keeping me from sleeping, I wouldn't be happy either!

3:32 - The guys are finally gone, the crying has stopped, she's asleep!

3:40 - Maybe I can sit for a minute?  I doze off, my phone wakes me up.

4:20 - I hear a train in the distance blowing its horn.  I begin to pray.  Please, please, don't let it wake her up.  The horn stops, but the bell starts ringing.  It wasn't long until the crying began.  I pick her up, she puts her head on my shoulder and was very calm.

4:25 - I bring her downstairs, she's relaxed, I think she's dozing off.  The doorbell rings.  AAAHHHH!!!  (just a couple of days ago I took my "please do not ring the doorbell" sign off because it was faded.  Time to make a new sign.)  Needless to say, she's awake.

4:30 - potty time

We play, we fold clothes, we play some more.  I try to clean on the kitchen.

5:30 - we start getting ready to go to dinner.  It's chicken night at the club - our favorite!  We didn't have to leave until 6:30, but I knew we needed an early start on getting ready in case because I knew something would interrupt us at some point.

No, Sadie, you may not play with the fingernail polish.

6:15 - I'm sitting on the edge of the tub washing my feet, almost time to leave.  Sadie starts pointing at her stickers - she wants one.  You have to go to potty before you get a sticker, Sadie, you know that.  So she walks to her potty, lifts the lid, and sits down.  Here we go again.  I take her diaper off and we sit.  And read books.  And it's almost time for us to leave.  She didn't do anything.  No sticker.

6:25 - I go back to getting ready - I must hurry!

6:30 - oh my gosh, Sadie, I forgot to put clothes back on you.  She's running around naked.

7:00 - Time for dinner.  Thank goodness!

blah blah blah, blah blah blah.....

8:50 - She's in bed.  It's quiet.

10:29 - Why am I still awake when I have the opportunity to be asleep?!

I wonder what tomorrow will hold?

(for those of you who read to the end, congratulations.  And I'm sorry.)


Elizabeth said...

Oh Sadie. What in the world did we do with our days before kids!?

Erin said...

Very cute! Busy busy days for sure!!

Sarah said...

Sounds a LOT like my days! And that is why I get so stabby when my childless friends talk about how nice it must be now that I "don't have a job".