Thursday, October 20, 2011


I know there are many things way worse to get me frazzled, but.....

  • inconsiderate people
  • if you park on the line, it makes it really difficult for me to get my child into the vehicle
  • no diapers in the size I need at Target?  come on!
  • two days ago I called India (most likely) to discuss billing/insurance stuff.  I could only understand maybe every 2-3 words the person said.  I don't even know if the person was male or female.  I decided to call back today to try and talk to someone else to clarify what was discussed earlier.  How, HOW, did I get the SAME person on the phone?  He/She said (I think) - yes, you called on 10-18 and I told you blah blah blah.  I still am unsure of what is going on.
  • my child throwing a fit in Target - I should have known better than to take her during nap time
  • yard crew showing up in the middle of nap time
  • dogs going crazy at the yard crew in the middle of nap time

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