Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jazzercise - Part 2

Some of you might recall that I started going to a Jazzercise class a few months ago.  I told you all about my first class.  I'm happy to say that I've become much more comfortable with the class and routines.  I find that it's worth going just for the entertainment and people watching.

There is a little lady who has to be in her 70s.  She's cute.  Short, sweatband around her head, and quite often her shirt tucked into her panties.  I like watching her.  She sticks to the low impact version of the routines, but I'm proud of her for exercising!

Then there is the lady who knows EVERY word to EVERY song, and she's not afraid to sing them.  She does some weird yelps and cat calls.  She doesn't follow the routines exactly all the time - she just sort of does her own thing.

The Asian instructor is lots of fun.  Especially when we listen to the Britney Spears song I Wanna Go.  It cracks me up when she says - ooh, yes, I want to go all the way.  Do you want to go all the way?  (I wish I could write with an accent.)  Yes, we are super ladies!

And I MUST mention one other individual.  I refer to her as The Creeper.  It doesn't matter where in the room she starts off (although it's usually towards the back somewhere), she usually ends up behind me.  She is also an older lady, but there is something not quite right with her.  But then I think....if there is something wrong with her, she shouldn't be driving to the Rec Center.  So does that just make her weird?  I don't know.  She took her makeup application lessons from Tammy Faye Baker, she wears glasses with a chain, and she is always in a daze.  Her feet barely leave the floor (except when she's making her way closer to me - intentionally?), her arms never raise over her shoulders, and she looks scared.  I think the workout she gets climbing the stairs to the class is more of a workout than what she gets from being in the class for an hour.  There was one time today that I turned around, and she was RIGHT THERE.  Creeped me out!

The instructor who is there most of the time is good.  I like her.  Probably close to my age.  However, do you know the song Party Rock Anthem?  (I had to look up the name)  Well, when it comes to the point in the song - everybody's shuffling.... she tells us to "freestyle".  ha ha ha ha!!  This girl don't freestyle.  This girl ain't got a freestyle bone in her body.  This girl goes into panic mode every time we are asked to freestyle.  Good grief.  I'm glad I still stick close to the back.  Oh, and this same instructor kept telling us to make sure our legs and feet stayed together for one move.  I thought - she's telling us to keep our legs and feet together, but her legs aren't together.  Then I paid attention to her feet.  Yeah, they were together.  She's just so skinny that her legs don't touch.  Uhm, mine do.  Darnit!

The class is fun.  Entertaining.  It makes me sweat.  I'll keep going....because I'm determined to one day fit into those cute little yoga pants!

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