Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Glow

I look through magazines, see people out and about while running errands, and I wonder.....why can't I have that pregnancy "glow" like so many others do?  I have totally jumped past that cute little baby bump phase and gone straight to gross.  Well, I have never had the body that would show off a baby bump, it just looks like extra fat on me.  Anyway.....

I'm not going to say that I'm huge, but I definitely can't fit into my regular clothes anymore.  Some maternity tops are a bit tent-like on me, so I've bought a few t-shirts in a larger size to get me through this weird phase.  The thing is, I buy something after trying it on, get it home, and hate it.  That's really nothing new with me, though.  But it's especially bad now.  Why can't I find anything that I'm ok with?

I don't know where I'm going with this post.....just frustrated after trying on clothes today.  My face is already puffy (I know, I know, eating Chick-fil-a for lunch doesn't help that problem), my arms are fat, my belly sticks I said, gross!  And to think that I have to go through the summer months when I'll want/need to be wearing shorts and a swimsuit - GASP!  The thought makes me sick.  And I know the sight will make others sick too.  I want to look cute.  I want that glow!  But alas, I'll just have to deal with dull and flabby.  I think I'll just focus on dressing my little Sadie in cute summer clothes.  Maybe that will get my mind off of my own sad appearance.

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