Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beautiful Cloudy Day

I love springtime!  Everything about it - especially flowers.  Kris is not adventurous when it comes to fun little day trips, and my mom never seems to have time for anything.  Thankfully, I have a willing friend Amy who is ready to go exploring for wildflowers with me.  A few years ago we went when her little boy was....close to two, maybe?  Now we've added two more to our brood.  Two more little girls.  So we couldn't let this spring pass without making a trip to Brenham to see the flowers.

We've had today's date marked on our calendar for weeks.  The last few days we've been watching the weather.  10% chance of rain, no big deal.  Then yesterday it was up to 20%.  Still, no big deal.  We wake up this morning and it was up to 40%.  What?!  But we didn't let that stop us.  We met up at a central location to follow each other (there's no fitting three car seats in either of our vehicles).  As soon as we met, the rain started.  NNOOOO!!!  It rained on us all the way to where the flowers really started, and then it stopped!  Hooray!  It stayed cloudy the rest of the day, but I was still able to get some good pics.  Here are a few:

Three friends deep in "conversation"

I don't think I'd have a problem living in this area.  I wonder why more people don't?  It's so pretty! might have been a cloudy and dreary day, but it sure was a beautiful one!  I'm already looking forward to going again next year.  By then there will be four little ones to chase around!


Elizabeth said...

So fun! Love S's dress!

Erin said...

Great pictures! I love love bluebonnet pics, so glad that it worked out and you were able to get some cute ones! It's a great marker of time and a fun way to watch them grow!

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I love that dress. She's such a doll :-)