Thursday, November 15, 2012


OK, so I have nothing exciting to write about.  However, I was feeling a bit nostalgic this morning when a particular commercial/advertisement came on tv, so I thought I'd share my engagement story.  (I realize that most of you will now stop reading.  That's fine.  My feelings aren't hurt.)

Let's see....Kris and I started dating the Sunday after Thanksgiving of '04.  It didn't take long for us (well, me) to realize that we wanted to get married.  I was ready!  I tried not to push him or act too impatient, but I was getting to that point.  We never discussed rings or dates.  After a year of dating, we went to a Christmas party at a friend's house.  On the way home, he started asking me about my friends' rings since most of them were already married.  I remember calling my mom that weekend upset - mom, he's just now asking me about what style of ring I like, which means he hasn't even started looking yet!

A couple weeks before this party, I had gone home for Thanksgiving.  He stayed in Houston to study for finals.  His mom called me saying something like - Kris has worked really hard this semester, I want to surprise him by sending y'all to a play or something.  Pick a date and a show you'd like to see, I'll buy tickets, mail them to you, and the morning of you can call him and let him know that you have plans for the evening.  OK, sounds good.  I chose the last day of school before my Christmas break for us to go see A Christmas Carol.

Fast forward to the day of the surprise.  I sent him an email that morning telling him to get home from work early because we were going out, maybe we could even grab dinner before the show!  Who knew how sick I was going to get that day.  I had a migraine.  Thankfully my migraines aren't severe like they used to be, but this particular day was bad.  I came home from school and went to sleep.

When he got home and realized how sick I was, he said that we didn't have to go.  Yes, we do, this is YOUR day, Kris!  We went on to dinner, but I just sat staring at my food, too sick to eat.  Let's go home, Traci.  NO.  Can I just rest a bit before the show, though?  So we sat in his parked car and I slept until showtime.  I slept through the entire production.  As we were leaving he asked if I wanted to go look at Christmas lights or just go home.  Might as well look at lights since I had been asking him to take me.  So we got to one spot downtown and we got out of the car to walk around.

We were walking around when he began his speech with - I've been lying to you.  Uhm, what?  My heart sort of dropped.  He then goes on to tell me that the night had been all his idea because...blah blah blah, will you marry me?  Of course!  Why did it take you so long?  And amazingly, my headache went away and I felt fine!

Unfortunately, there's something with me getting sick during major events in my life.  Just wait until the day I decide to talk about my wedding week!

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Elizabeth said...

I remember this so well. I feel awful you were so sick on such a special night, but hey, at least you make things memorable!