Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Jesus, Where Are You?!

Up until this year, I've always been one of those "no Christmas until after Thanksgiving" sort of people.  But I've been looking forward to enjoying Christmas with a little one who is old enough to somewhat understand things and get excited.  So I told Kris earlier this week that I wanted to get the tree up this weekend.  In fact, I never even decorated for Thanksgiving, which I usually go all out for.  (Having a needy baby played a part in this decision.)

Sadie and I were looking at a Fisher Price catalog and talking about the nativity set that was advertised. I bought her one last year and said that we should go find it.  So off to the attic we went.  I dug out boxes and boxes (big ones!) of Christmas decor.  The whole time, Sadie was saying - Baby Jesus, where are you?  Baby Jesus!  Over and over.  I'm thankful that I stopped myself from vocalizing what was in my mind.  I came so close to telling her that Baby Jesus was buried in here somewhere.  Oh my.  Under all the Santas and snowmen and ornaments, Baby Jesus couldn't be found.  My heart dropped.  Dear Jesus, I am so sorry.

I found a ceramic nativity set that she was excited to unwrap.  She found Baby Jesus and started playing with the set.  Then she dropped a piece on the floor and chipped it.  I told her we had to put it away so she didn't break it.  She immediately started crying and saying - more Jesus.  Again, conviction.

Back to the attic we went.  This time I wasn't stopping until I found her nativity set.  I dug and dug as she continued to sing - Baby Jesus, where are you?  More Jesus, more Jesus!!

That is my prayer this holiday season.  I want to have the heart of my two year old.  Let us continue to search until we find Jesus.  And may we not cover him up with Santa Claus and snowmen.  Yes, we will enjoy the lights and ornaments and presents under the tree, but I say....MORE JESUS!!


Elizabeth said...

Oh this is so sweet. I'm so glad you wrote this story, because you'll be able to share it with Sadie later. Priceless!

Sarah said...

Amen! What a great reminder!

Erin said...

Really really precious! Sweet sweet girl!