Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is Life

So the last few days....yeah, they've been less than ideal.  We'd been looking forward to a long weekend with Kris at home.  Big plans.  Big as in running errands as a family, going to the pool, eating out, etc.  We're crazy like that.

But all it takes is one mean stomach bug to kill the crazy.

I'll try to spare all the details, but it began Saturday morning.  I woke up feeling yuk.  I figured it was just the migraine I was recovering from.  I got over it by the afternoon, though.  I hadn't eaten anything all day, and all that sounded good to me was a Whataburger milkshake.  That can cure close to anything.  Sadie went for the ride and got one also.  She couldn't drink too much by the time we got home because it was too frozen.  We walk in the back door, she put her milkshake down, said no thank you, and threw up.  Nice.  She seemed totally fine leading up to that and immediately following.  hhhmmm....I thought that maybe she had just choked, gagged, something to make her throw up.  Wrong.

We'd been having yard work done all day, and one of the guys came to the front door to ask me something.  I was holding Harrison at the time who was screaming about something.  I had stepped outside and closed the door to keep the dog from escaping.  Then Sadie opened the door, shirt off, mumbled something, and puked out the door....landing at the guy's feet.  Possibly even getting on his shoes.  Sorry, dude.  He was like - oh, she's sick, we'll take care of it (it being the question he was asking, not the puke, unfortunately).  Then she threw up again.  I wanted to do the same.  Harrison was still crying, she started crying, and I had a big mess on my hands.

The next few days get all jumbled in my memory because, well, vomit will do that to you.  Then it was the fever.  And "the other".  And our crazy fun weekend plans went down the drain.

To sum things up....

If she isn't asleep, this is the expression she's kept on her face since Saturday.

I know these bugs just have to run their course, but by yesterday afternoon I thought that it should be better by now.  I called to talk to a nurse.  She said that it has been going on too long and I should bring her in.  I kept hoping she'd wake up this morning all better so I could cancel the appointment.  No such luck.  I took her to the doc, and what did she say?  It just has to run its course.  Really?  Thanks, nurse, for telling me to come in.  Wonder how much that one line of advice cost me?  

She fell asleep on the way home, took a long nap, still refuses to drink Pedialyte or Gatorade, hasn't eaten more than a few crackers in a few what do I do?  I continue to sit and hold her, let her be a baby and milk this sickness.  I mean, she's going to be three next week.  I can't sit and hold her forever, might as well take advantage while I can.  Even if she is sick.  So while I sit and hold her, I let Harrison do this:

Who says tv is bad for kids?  Well, maybe it is.  But it sure is good for mommy!

So, life goes on.  And so does the constant disinfecting of our home.  


Erin said...

Oh sweet sweet girl, I am so sorry she is so sick! It is just so not fun, and exhausting, and well messy when they are sick. Maybe a Popsicle would be a fun and hydrating treat? I hope she is on the mend soon!!!

Elizabeth said...

We've missed you this week! Tell Sadie she better feel better soon so we can celebrate THREE next week! (Yikes how did that happen???)