Monday, June 3, 2013

Thinking Back.....

(I have one loyal reader who is always telling me to blog more.  Loyal Reader, this is for you.)

Has it really been three years?  Wow.  It has.  Sadie's birthday is tomorrow.  So, on the eve of her big day, I'm thinking back to what happened on June 3, 2010.

I guess I should go back a bit further than that.  A few weeks leading up to my due date at one of my appointments, the doc said that something "didn't feel right", so she sent me to have an ultrasound.  That worried me a bit, especially since I was at the appointment alone.  Everything was fine, but the next week Kris went with me to my appointment.  This time, my blood pressure was pretty high.  She sent me straight to the hospital with the words - we might be having a baby today.  Got to the hospital, hooked up, Kris ran home to get my suitcase, came back, they dismissed me.  I was fine.  The next week, she wanted me to have another ultrasound - we might be having a baby today.  Kris was with me, but once again, everything was fine.

The following week, I told Kris not to take off work again.  I was like - you know the track record, no need to come with me, but if it will make you feel better, your mom can come along.  A few days before the appointment, my mom was with me helping me around the house.  She went back home on a Tuesday.  On that Thursday, the 3rd, I had plans for Kris's mom to help me shop.  I wanted to get some essentials stocked at the house....milk, bread, detergent, toilet paper, you know, important stuff.  So we shopped.  We then met Kris's dad for lunch.  As we were leaving and telling him goodbye, I laughed and said - I'll see you at the hospital tonight!  Little did I know that I am a prophetess of some sort.

We came home to drop off all the goods before getting right back out for my appointment.  I ran to the bathroom before leaving.  Something was kind of weird, but everything is weird when you're pregnant, so I dismissed it.

I park on the top level of the parking garage, get out of the car, and....what was that?  Walk to the elevator, and I mumbled to my mother-in-law - I think my water just broke.  Uhm, yeah, by the time I get on the elevator with a bunch of people.  Great.  Then I start crying.  From embarrassment.  My MIL was like - you can't see anything.  Seriously?  My pants are soaked.  And it wouldn't stop!  I quickly made it to the bathroom in the lobby area of my doctor's building.  So I'm calling the nurse from a bathroom stall - my water just broke, do I come to the office or go on to the hospital.  She asked where I the bathroom downstairs!  She told me to come on up to get checked.

(are you bored yet?  or disgusted?  I feel like this is very boring so far.)

On the elevator I called Kris and sent my mom a text.  Kris asked - do I need to leave work now?  Did he really have to ask?  Upstairs, there is a line to check in.  Of course there's a line as I'm standing there soaked and crying.  Why did I wait my turn?  It's finally my turn, I get up to the counter, and the lady said - can you hold on a minute?  aaahhhh!!  I did hold on for a few seconds before speaking up - my water just broke.  She jumped up and said - oh, honey!  Rushed back to a room, the doc came in and asked me if I was sure that was what happened.  Yep, no doubt.  She wanted to check anyway.  Oh, come on!

As I'd told her, it was my water, so she told me to go on to the hospital.  I figured that surely they had some sort of underground tunnel to transport such patients as me from the offices to the hospital (everything is on the same "campus").  Or at least a golf cart.  Or clean/dry clothes.  Nope.  She told me that if anyone sees a pregnant lady around that area with wet pants, they know what has happened and I shouldn't be embarrassed.  Easy for her to say.

I walk to the hospital, they got me in a room, Kris and my parents were on their way.....contractions still hadn't started, so they started me on pitocin.  It didn't take long for them to kick in after that.  And it didn't take long after that for me to cry "uncle" and get an epidural.  So now we wait.

To be continued.....


Elizabeth said...

Love a 3 years later birth story- ha! Can't wait to read part 2!

Erin said...

So fun to relive when they were born. Happy (almost) birthday to Sadie!