Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things That Are Really Bugging Me These Days

  • the heat - that just goes without saying
  • the radio - why are all radio stations so annoying?  I can never seem to be able to find any good music on.  I'd often rather listen to Sadie's silly music.
  • the price of gas.  And groceries.  And everything else.
  • other drivers - aaahhhhh!!!!
  • coming up with new things to cook for dinner - although I did come home from the grocery store today with a couple of ideas.
  • headaches - why are they back?!
Wow, who sounds like a grouch today?  Yeah, me.  I had to get out in the heat today, but before I was able to go to Target and the grocery store I had to get gas.  After spending a fortune to fill up my car, I had to drive behind people who didn't take driver's ed.  I obviously came home with a headache.  However, there are....

Things That Really Make Me Happy These Days:
  • the Funfetti cookies that are in the oven
  • my home that has wonderful a/c 
  • my husband who works so hard every single day
  • this girl who I get to go pick up very soon - I miss her!
I caught her in a rare moment of seriousness before going to "camp" this morning.
Things may bug me, is still great.  I have much to be thankful for.

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