Friday, September 9, 2011

The Randomness of My Mind

Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD.  Or OCD.  I don't know, but I think I have something.  I can't think of anything to write about that warrants a whole blog post.  However, I have lots of little random things.  So, as usual, here I go with my bullet points:

  • I bought Sadie a set of dvds (or is it dvd's?) that she absolutely loves.  Right now she's on round two so far for the day.  They are kiddie songs with kids from the early 90s singing.  The clothes and props are so silly, but she just can't get enough of them.  I, on the other hand, CAN get enough of them.  Make them stop, please!!
  • dvds or dvd's?  Grammatical errors make my skin crawl.  I know I'm not a perfect writer.  Far from it.  I want to make dvd plural, not possessive.  So how do you spell it so that it is not read d-v-d-s?  While we're on the subject of grammar and spelling errors, would it be rude of me to offer my editing services to Sadie's MDO program?  I wanted to dig my red pen out and correct a letter given to us last week.
  • One of my biggest fears is fire.  I'm fine with a fire in the fireplace, candles, campfires, etc, but I have a huge fear of my house burning down.  It never fails that when I return home from being away, even for a short period of time during the day, I always breathe a sigh of relief when my house comes into view.  With that being said, my heart is breaking for those who have lost their homes in the wildfires!
  • We have been in our house for three years now.  It takes me a really long time to make decorating decisions.  I finally found fabric I like for curtains in our bathroom.  I have measured, remeasured, and measured again.  Last night we hung one panel that I finished yesterday.  WHY is it too short?  aaahhhh!!!  Time to invest in a seam ripper so I can let a hem out.  
  • And finally (for today, because I have other things bouncing around in my mind), a shout-out to a fellow crazy out there.  (You know who you are, J.C.!)  I still get anxious when someone ahead of me in line decides to write a check AFTER the total has been given to them.  Really?!  
  • Wait, one more.  Females on the sidelines at sporting events reporting.  OK, so you have big boobs and you're pretty, but I doubt you know anything about the sport.  I just can't watch them.  
My congratulations or apologies go out to those who finished reading this nonsense!


Elizabeth said...

I would say DVDs. The capital letters to show it's and acronym and the lowercase s for plural.

You know I used to have the same fear of fire, and my house burning, but one day that fear just disappeared. I have no idea why.

Traci said...

Well, that makes perfect sense. Duh! DVDs. Got it. Thanks, journalist!