Monday, April 9, 2012

That Makes Me Crazy!!

Today has been a day.....things making me crazy:

  • barking dogs
  • maternity pants - they just will not stay up.  I need suspenders!  Actually, let's just say maternity clothes in general - shirts included.  Gross.
  • waiting.  and more waiting.
  • the fact that it's a nice day and I can't go out and enjoy it.  Why?  Because I'm waiting....on people, on projects, on paint to dry, etc.
  • And the fact that I'm letting stupid little things make me crazy today when I have a friend who is going through things way worse than this.  Who am I to complain about such things?  
So, how about things that I should be thankful for today instead:
  • the fact that I have dogs?  uhm.....maybe.  ok.
  • the fact that my baby is growing and I need bigger clothes
  • the projects being done around my house.  Even if it requires a lot of waiting, I'm blessed to have improvements going on.
  • so thankful for my strong friend and how she fiercely loves her special little boy!!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Oh even when you have serious stuff going on, you still complain about barking dogs :) Sorry for all the annoying house stuff- hope they are in and out quickly!