Saturday, January 19, 2013

Date Night: Then and Now

I realize that this is very natural and not unusual, but last night it hit me.  Kris and I are like a real married couple with young kids.  When did this happen?  It's weird.  But great.  And often stressful.  But fun.

While dating, Kris and I were very casual.  Seriously dating, but our dates were casual.  Nothing really over the top or necessarily romantic.  We would hang out at home, I sit here trying to reflect on our past dating life, I cannot really remember dates.  Whatever.  Anyway....

Our church has a Kid/Parents' Night Out once a month.  Last night was that night.  Children get to play with their friends at church from 6-10:00.  So, it's 5:30 and I'm sitting at the table with wet hair feeding Harrison.  No makeup.  Sadie is running around doing who knows what.  I had just taken a shower but should have waited until after I got sprayed with sweet potatoes and cereal.  Around 5:50, Kris asks what time the kids can be dropped off.  Well, not yet since I'm not ready.  I hurriedly put on makeup, grab the first thing I could find to wear, chase Sadie in order to dress her, get Harrison's bag packed, and we're out the door.  Whew!

We leave the kids at 6:20, but we have no idea what we're going to do.  We'd thought about going to see a movie, but my thoughts were 1. it's expensive to go to the movies, and 2. if I'm sitting still in a dark room, chances are I will fall asleep.  And isn't the point of having a night out with your spouse to converse and catch up on all that you don't get to talk about while kids are around?  So we drive.  Sadie needs some clothes, her wardrobe is worn and quite limited.  OK.  So we go shopping.  For the kids.  Then we went to dinner.  And discussed kids.  What did we talk about before they came along?  The weather, I guess.

The kids were picked up.  Harrison was asleep and Sadie was sleepy.  They both got in bed without any problems.  Time to get ourselves ready for bed.  In the bathroom, Kris is brushing his teeth while I take off my makeup.  I put on my mismatched pajamas, go to bed, and Kris is already there.  Snoring.  And that was our night.

Yep, it's happened.  We are that couple.

(This is completely off topic, but I just thought I'd throw it out there.  While pregnant with Sadie, people were always so nice to help out with advice on things I would and would not need.  One item I heard over and over that was pointless was a diaper wipe warmer.  OK, won't get one of those.  So yesterday I was sitting on the floor changing Harrison's diaper when Sadie came up behind me and put a wipe on the back of my neck.  I jumped!  That thing was COLD!  Seriously.  I yelled, which she thought was hilarious.  She kept putting it on my bare skin.  I didn't like it.  If I didn't like a baby wipe on my neck, I'm sure it can't be comfortable to have your bottom wiped with one.  Poor Harrison.  I'm thinking now that I might need one after all.  Because my children are spoiled.)

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