Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How a Peaceful Day Can Change in a Span of Twenty Minutes

Today was school day for the kids, which means I got to do things I normally put off.  I worked around the house a bit this morning before heading out to run some errands and do a little shopping for myself.  On the way to pick the kids up, I bought a milkshake to share with Sadie.  I "needed" just a little something sweet and thought I would take a few sips and leave the rest to surprise her with when she got in the car.

2:00 - I went to my boy's class to pick him up.  Along with my active child, I picked up his nap mat and bag.  His teacher told me that he had a big dirty diaper and his bottom was really red.

2:02 - Went to Sadie's classroom, but they weren't quite finished with show and tell, and she didn't want to leave.  That's fine.  You stay there while I chase your brother.

2:04 - I pick up Sadie's stuff out of her box - nap mat, lunch box, backpack.  I smelled something.  Harrison.

2:05 - Sadie is dismissed.  I told her that I could not carry everything and she had to help.

2:06 - I had to park far away, Harrison didn't want to be carried, he's wiggling so much I almost dropped him on the way to the car.

2:08 - Get Harrison into his seat just as he begins to throw a major fit.  He kicked off both shoes, pulled off his socks, and was screaming.

2:09 - Sadie gets settled and I give her the milkshake.  Sadie is happy, and Harrison stopped crying.

2:10 - on the way home we talked about Sadie's day.  She ate all her lunch, she played in the gym, she saw her best friend Candace, all is well.

2:12 - "oh no, Mommy!!"  She had poked the straw through the bottom of the cup - milkshake was everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  Thankfully we were pulling into our driveway.  I grab the cup and it proceeds to drip all over me and my seat.

2:13 - I jump out, grab her, she's crying because she's soaked and cold and sticky.  I run her inside and strip her.  I hear Harrison screaming in the car.

2:14 - Sadie is naked and crying as I bring Harrison in to change his diaper.  Remember how I smelled something earlier?

2:14.5 - Everyone is crying while I'm cleaning Harrison.

2:15 - As I was wrapping up the diaper, he escaped (the boy is FAST).  I hear something.  He's peeing on the floor.

2:16 - I'm cleaning him AGAIN and putting clothes on him.  Sadie is still standing there naked and crying.

2:18 - Harrison is in bed, I put panties on Sadie.  Go to get the carseat out of the car.

2:20 - bring in the carseat and a bag of purchases.  In my haste, I just dropped the bag on the floor, forgetting about a mug I'd purchased in the bottom of the bag.  I have yet to check and see if it is broken.  Didn't sound promising when the bag hit the floor.

2:21 - I sat on the couch, let out a sigh, and looked at the clock.

Wow, that was a crazy 20 minutes.  Let's hope the rest of the afternoon isn't as exciting.

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