Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Things I Really Like....and Those I Don't

  • I love to travel.  The anticipation, planning, airport, exploring, everything.  However, packing is torturous.
  • When people turn on their windshield wipers while it's barely sprinkling....that makes me a little bit crazy.
  • Watching Sadie play makes my heart sing.
  • Chuy's creamy jalapeno and Chuychangas. mouth is watering.  Actually, I don't really like it, I love it!
  • Paying full price for something sort of makes my insides hurt.
  • I enjoy doing crafty things.  Unfortunately, I'm not that creative.
  • I like to remember all the times spent with my MeMe.  Sweet memories.
  • Please don't turn the television volume up any higher than necessary.
  • I really like my husband.  He's a fun guy.
And there ya go.....nothing you needed to know.  Now it's YOUR turn.  What do you really like?  And what don't you like?


Elizabeth said...

I really like a good cheeseburger. I don't like rootbeer or artificial grape. I like softball, but not football. I don't like clipping baby fingernails. I like blogs. I don't like sprinkles on my windshield (sorry :) )

Traci said...

So my mom informed me that since I 'love' Chuy's, I should also 'love' my husband. I do. But I also like him. You can love someone but not really like them, can't you? Anyway, I just assumed that since he's my husband, everyone would understand that he was loved. Yes, I'm rambling. Sorry. Elizabeth, I guess I can't ride with you when it's sprinkling - your windshield wipers would probably get on my nerves. ha!

Anonymous said...

I love baby squeals. I love a really good breakfast taco. I love cold, cheap beer. I love blog stalking and getting wrapped into other people's lives. I love doing nerdy "techy" things. I hate it when people don't return their shopping cart to the corral. I hate the first day when you introduce long division, but love it when the kids start to "get it".

Traci said...

Melissa, I hear ya on the shopping cart deal. I was in the Randall's parking lot this afternoon while talking to my mom on the phone. I had to yell out and tell her to hold on - I jumped out of my car and ran after a cart that was about to hit my car. aaahhhhh!!! I almost didn't catch it in time.