Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glee: No Longer for Me

I will try to keep this brief....we'll see if I can do it.

I admit that I have been a fan of Glee since the first season.  The storyline was a bit silly and juvenile, but the music got me.  In fact, I have the soundtracks.  Yes, I do.

However....the last few episodes have left me sad.  Uncomfortable.  Disappointed.  They are glorifying totally immoral things, as long as you are "educated".  Underage drinking, premarital sex, homosexual relationships.  This is not ok.  Last night's episode went too far.  I can no longer support this show.


Elizabeth said...

LOVE the new background! I could never get into Glee, but I saw a clip of last night's episode on The View this morning- wow. Can you imagine if stuff like that was on when we were kids? I remember thinking I was such a rebel when I snuck upstairs and watched Charles in Charge without permission- scandalous!

Jennilenni said...

We had to quit this season also :( We owned soundtracks...even Dustie enjoyed it. Boo on them! I feel like they tried to get us hooked & now they're pushing their agenda.