Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love It, But I Hate It

My original intent of this post was to focus on one particular love/hate relationship I have.  However, other things came to mind during the day yesterday which added to my thoughts on such strange relationships with things and situations.  So, here are a few examples:

  • Food and cooking.  I love food.  I love spending time in the kitchen.  When it comes time to prepare a menu, though, I get really frustrated.  I've never been known to be a decisive person, so it's no surprise that I have a difficult time coming up with original things to cook.  I seem to be stuck in a rut cooking the same things over and over.  And these days I have to come up with things that I can prepare while a little girl clings to my legs wanting to play.  In fact, before coming to the computer to start writing this, I was standing in front of the refrigerator with the doors open....just staring.  As if whatever random ingredients I have in the fridge will magically come together to become a delicious dinner.
  • My dogs.  I love my dogs.  I really do.  Unfortunately, one of my precious pups is a bit high maintenance.  He would love nothing more than to stay in the backyard barking at everything.  And I mean everything.  Oh my goodness - I'm not even joking when I say that as soon as I finished that last sentence, I had to run and find that "darling" dog to stop him from barking.  What was it this time?  But if he wakes up Sadie while she's napping, he is in big trouble.  Anyway....for the past few weeks there has been a rabbit that likes to tease him (and eat the broccoli plants from my garden!) on the other side of the fence.  It just sort of hops in little circles making Dwight go crazy....and me even crazier.  Then there is my old dog Shelli.  Sweet Shelli.  Why does she refuse to drink water unless she witnesses me filling her bowl?  Even if I filled the bowl with fresh water five minutes before she decided to drink, she will bark until she watches me empty the bowl and fill it up again.  If anything were to happen to those dogs, though, I would be crushed.
  • Our living room.  I love my house.  Don't get me wrong - I feel extremely blessed to have a house and live where we do.  It's just that our living area seems to get smaller and smaller each day.  Sadie has a limited area, a small little "path", to play in.  When she drags out her toys, her space becomes even smaller.  How many times a day am I putting toys in her basket, only to turn around and have to do it again?  I wish she had a big open space to play in.  It won't be long before I can put up a gate or close her door and let her play in her bedroom upstairs.  With the video monitor, that is.
  •  That website.  I love it.  I anxiously await the daily email updates.  But I hate that I torture myself by looking at all of the super cute clothes for Sadie at such great bargain prices and know that I shouldn't make any purchases.  Just this morning I was drooling over a few outfits and kicking myself at the same time for even opening the email.  I should have known I would love something but not be able to justify buying.  
There are other things that I love and hate at the same exercising.  Summertime.  Talking on the phone.  Technology.  The list goes on.  But I won't go into those things because I need to go back into the kitchen and decide what to cook for dinner.  Wish me luck.

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Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh- I had forgotten about Shelli and the water- good grief!