Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Baby

Before beginning this post, let me first begin by apologizing.  You are about to read (if you make it to the end) details of Sadie's busy day.  I completely understand that you might not have any interest.  So why do I plan on continuing to write?  I don't know.  Anyway, I'm sorry.  But here goes.....

We began our day at the train in Hermann Park for a birthday party.  What a fun idea!  We were excited about riding the train and celebrating a friend's second birthday.  However, some little girl got sleepy about halfway through the ride and fell asleep in daddy's arms.  Yes, she slept through most of the party.  Here she is before her morning nap:

Since the birthday party was so early in the day, we had time to do lots more!  We ran a few errands, visited with the grandparents, Sadie napped, then it was off to the pool for our first swim of the season!  I was filled with both excitement and dread.  Excitement about watching Sadie "swim", but dreading the fact that it would require me putting on a swimsuit.  Gross.  Scary.  Embarrassing.  But, I got over it for the sake of my child.  We reminisced about the first time Sadie went to the pool.  That was then:

And this is now:

She was a bit chilled and kept making some of the funniest faces!

Splashing is so much fun!

Once we got home, it was time to work in the flower beds.  Unfortunately, we lost many of our colorful flowers in the freeze (shame on us for not taking the weathermen seriously and covering our plants!), so it was time to replace them.  Sadie played/ate in the grass/dirt/sand/flower pots while we worked.

It should be no surprise that it didn't take much effort to get her to sleep this evening - thank goodness!  I pray she sleeps ALL night.  Wouldn't that be a treat for me?!  But even if she doesn't sleep all night, I'll get over it, because I just can't get too upset with this:

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