Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Emotions

We began our Easter celebrations Saturday morning by going to Kris's parents' house for an Easter breakfast.  I didn't know what was going to be waiting for Sadie when we pulled into the driveway.

Maybe next year it won't be necessary to have such large eggs for her to find!

This morning before even opening my eyes, I had such JOY!  He is risen, He is risen indeed!  How humbling to know what He went through for me.  Thank you, Jesus!

Although I was feeling such happiness when I woke up, a bit of sadness hit me too.  I wish I could have been with my family.  I know that the meaning of Easter isn't about bunnies and egg hunts and candy and a big lunch, but those things are still fun.  I told Kris that I really want Sadie to hunt Easter eggs with her cousins next year.  I have such great memories of holidays spent with family and cousins....I want Sadie to have the same.

Time to get the day started!  Sadie got to see what the Easter bunny brought her.  Fun times!  I love being a mommy and getting to watch my baby experience new things.

The Easter bunny didn't go overboard - he knew that Sadie didn't need anything.    She got a new book, pajamas, some Easter egg "maracas", and a little duck that quacks.

Seriously?  You want me to wear these things?

After getting ready for church, it was time for pictures.  We went into the backyard, and Kris went to put Sadie down.  Her feet had just touched the ground when he realized that she had put her foot in...something.  I don't know what it was, I don't want to know what it was.  Of course it got her brand new socks that I ran all over the mall looking for yesterday and ended up paying too much for because they were the only pair I could find completely dirty.  aaaahhhhh!!!  So it was picture time without socks.  After our photo shoot, I had to come in, hand wash the sock, and dry it with a hair dryer.

She was so serious in almost all of the pictures, so I had to share at least one of her smiling - more of an "action shot".

Momma and Sadie.  Yes, I know, I need a tan.  And lipstick.

When we got to church, we had to park much farther away than usual.  I don't think 'sad' is the right emotion to describe how this made me feel.  Confusion?  Just the the lack of understanding?  I'm sure there were many visitors who were in town to be with family, but I know that there were also many people there who never go to church.  It's great that they came; however, do they really think that that is all they need?  To come to church once a year?  They are missing out on so much!  Then there were those people we passed who were out walking for exercise.  It broke my heart a little that even on Easter Sunday, RESURRECTION Sunday, they were not in church.  I need to spend time this week praying for those people.

Worship was nice.  Lots of music (although I was disappointed that the congregation didn't get to sing much - so Kris and I have made up for the lack of singing in church by just singing around the house.  I love the fact that I have a husband who can join me in singing hymns.), the handbell choir, a good sermon.  How could it not be good, though, when you get to hear a message about our resurrected Lord?  

We picked up Sadie from the nursery.  She was the only one there when the service was over.  Most of her other nursery friends have parents who go to the contemporary service, so she is often the last one to be picked up.  That's ok, though, because she gets to spend extra one-on-one time with her teachers.  It made my heart happy when we saw her asleep in her teacher's arms....they were just rocking together.  How sweet.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take one more picture of Sadie in front of some pretty flowers in the sanctuary.  I very much wanted a family Easter picture, but Kris and I are below the average age of those who attend the traditional service.  The people who were still in the sanctuary were in there because it was taking them a while to get wheeled out in their wheelchairs, or they were slowly making their way up the aisles with their walkers.  I didn't think they would know how to operate my camera, so we didn't get that family picture I wanted.  Oh well.  Next year.

She was fascinated with the stained glass windows.

And then it was back home.  No giant Easter lunch, no dyed Easter eggs, no extended family.  Sniff sniff.  But I was back home with a great husband, a precious daughter, and the excitement of knowing that my Savior LIVES!!!

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Elizabeth said...

SO sweet! I love her outfits, her basket and her sweet Easter smile! I think holidays and babies bring out all sorts of emotions- we have such high expectations and then sometimes it's a letdown when the reality doesn't exactly measure up.