Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Laughing

My original intent for this blog was not to focus solely on Sadie.  However, I'm finding that since my days and nights are consumed by her, it's difficult to come up with things to write about that don't revolve around her.  Anyway.....

I'm constantly finding myself saying, "Sadie, no!"  Yet I am laughing on the inside.  It's hard to give a firm command with a giant smile on my face.  Here are a few examples:

We went berry picking yesterday with some friends.  Sadie enjoyed it.  A little too much.  She would squeal as she stuck her fingers into the strawberries.  It was a huge mess.  I probably should have paid the farm a few extra dollars to cover the cost of all the strawberries she ruined.  I laughed.

I had these foam letters in some Easter baskets just for fun.....then I found them in odd places with little teeth marks.  I really shouldn't be laughing at this since she could have choked on foam pieces.  But how cute are those little imprints?  I don't think I'll be able to throw them away.

And this is wrong for several reasons.....1. She is standing WAY too close to the tv, but she loves her some Chica on Sprout!  2.  Just the fact that she is so crazy about tv.  3.  She doesn't have any clothes on.  It seems as though in all of my baby pictures, all I am wearing is a diaper.  I've always given my mom a really hard time about never dressing me and told her I WOULD keep clothes on my child.  Well, I do about 99% of the time.  We were getting ready to go somewhere and I didn't want to put clean clothes on her until the last minute.  I know, just an excuse.  Whatever.  I was laughing at her as I took this picture when I should have been saying - Sadie, NO!

Oh, and then there was the fingernail polish incident yesterday....yeah, she broke a bottle on the bathroom floor.  But this time, as I was on my hands and knees cleaning the bathroom tile, I was NOT laughing.  Well, maybe just a little.

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