Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not Sure How I Feel About It.....

Have you ever seen that weird movie where Robin Williams plays the creepy photo developer?

OK, so I get my pics developed at CVS.  It's very convenient.  I upload my pictures from my computer, choose the quantity and sizes I want, and within an hour I can pick them up.  I can even pay online if I want to.  Easy.

I found myself at CVS several times towards the end of 2010.  It's not like I was there every day, but I'd say once or twice a month.  I remember going in one day, and the photo "tech" didn't even ask me my name, she just went and got my pictures and handed them to me.  One day, she greeted me and was like....Westbrook, correct?  Yes.  Then around Christmas, I went in and she said, "Oh, your photo books turned out so cute!"

Today I went in to pick up pictures.  Probably the first time since Christmas.  The lady saw me (I need to learn her name), she smiled and showed me a bag that she was holding.  It was very random.  She said, "I've been craving these for the longest time, and now we got them in!  I think we've been out for at least five months!"  A bag of jordan almonds.  Whatever.  She put them behind the counter, told me she needed to buy that bag for herself, went and got my pictures, handed them to me and said, "she's getting so big!"  She was referring to Sadie.

Should this give me the creeps?  Probably, but it doesn't.  She is a very sweet lady and it all seems innocent enough.  It's just sort of an odd feeling knowing that she is "there" with my family through all of the moments that are worth developing on paper.

So be warned:  If you have pictures that could cause embarrassment or shame, just be safe and don't get them developed.  You never know who's looking at them.  (Better yet, just don't take any shameful pictures at all!)


Elizabeth said...

I had totally forgotten about that movie- it WAS creepy! But nah, I wouldn't be bothered by it. I think you would have a gut feeling if something wasn't right. And who wouldn't remember cute little Sadie?

Traci said...

ha ha! No, it really doesn't bother me. Kris thinks it's weird, though.