Friday, April 1, 2011

"Home" Senses

I am "home" tonight.  I still refer to my parents' house as home, even though I never lived here.  Well, maybe I did for a few months after college graduation.  Anyway....

Home is still in Texas, but it can at times seem like a world apart.  When I got in bed last night, I started contrasting the sights and sounds here to that of Houston.  It was so dark in my room.  No street lights, no lights coming from the neighbor's house, no light at all.  I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood, especially at night, but there is still the occasional car that passes by.  Oh, and the train.  Here, I was listening to the sound of a donkey breying.  It made me laugh to myself.  I didn't hear it last night, but it is very common to hear a pack of coyotes at night and the dogs barking in response.  Right now I'm listening to some sort of insect...locusts, I think.  Crickets?  Those flying beetle things that want to get inside towards the light.

Today I enjoyed listening to three little cousins having a great time playing.  It was noisy, but it was fun.  Most of the time.  The giggles, the squeals, the cartoons, the musical toys, the door opening and shutting as they went in and out...OK, so it was overwhelming, but I think it's important for Sadie to experience it.

Here she is helping her cousins make mud pies.  Not something she gets to do every day in Houston!

I can't say that it's appealing, but I always know I'm home when I smell the chicken houses.  Thankfully I didn't smell them today, but all it would take is the wind changing to the right direction.  I enjoyed lots of fresh air today.

Sadie got so excited when she saw all the animals....cows, horses, donkeys, mules, dogs, goats, it's a real zoo around here.  You can't just walk out your back door and see this in Houston:

Yeah, we're not in Houston anymore, Sadie.

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Elizabeth said...

Sometimes I forget you aren't from the big city! Sadie is going to have so much fun growing up with those cousins and playing in the country!