Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Child, My Child

The last few nights have not been the best in the Westbrook home.  Actually, Sadie slept all night last night, but she didn't go to sleep until almost 10:00.  We battled for over an hour.  Usually all we have to do is put her into bed with a bottle (shame on us) and she's out within a few minutes.  Not last night.  We are blaming it on teething.  Poor baby.  Anyway, it's been frustrating and tiring.  However, I quickly get over that frustration (not often getting over being tired, though) when I look back through pictures like these:

Go ahead and make yourself comfy.  Yes, she did this on her own - reclining in a laundry basket with a pillow while watching television.
And proof that we don't take things too seriously around our house:

Our little white trash orphan baby.

Yes, those are pajama bottoms on her head.  Yes, that bib is about two sizes too small.  Yes, her outfit (complete with watermelon juice) is about three sizes too small.  Yes, I should be embarrassed for posting such a picture.

And finally.....

And yes, those are two different shoes.

So what did Sadie and I do today?  We shopped.  She has new play clothes that fit and new shoes.  

What's my point?  None whatsoever.  I'm just crazy about my child.  No matter what.


Elizabeth said...

I know I already told you this, but these pictures made me laugh out loud. What a goofy little girl. Glad she got some new clothes!

Traci said...

ha ha! Yep, and Kris will be glad too!

Erin said...

These pictures are fantastic and silly and oh so happy!!! Love her sense of style and huge smile!!

Sarah said...

With a smile like that, it doesn't matter what she's wearing - she's going to be adorable!