Wednesday, August 17, 2011


  • Why is there always laundry to do?  I mean, we're only three people living here.
  • Why am I not skinny?  It seems that much of every meal is given to a little girl who can't seem to ever get full!
  • Why won't God send rain?  I mean, I'm praying daily for it.
  • Why has my child turned into an insomniac the past two nights?  Up from 4:30-6 one morning and 1-4 the next?  aaahhhh!!!  
  • Why does my dog have to bark at everything?  Probably because I have him conditioned - the only way he will come inside is if I shake the box of dog treats.  So does he go outside and bark simply to get a treat?  
  • Why am I not toned from carrying/bouncing/lifting said insomniac?
  • Why am I sitting here when I need to run errands?  Well, it's kind of nice to be able to sit for more than two minutes without being disturbed.
  • Why am I happy?  Because I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart!


linda hight said...

Traci, the answer to most of those questions is it's just not time.........Do what you are that Sadie and that sweet husband of yours..because I know you love your Lord. I just love reading your is so remindful..if that is a word of when my boys were little.

Erin said...

Laundry multiplies at night while we sleep....either that or does Sadie wear two a day like Sophia? From eating all your food, ps, watermelon stains. :o) Sorry about the lack of sleep, that is no fun at all!!!! Hope it gets better!

Elizabeth said...

I ask myself some of these questions daily- laundry and barking dogs- the bane of my exisitence!

And you are sitting there because it's TOO HOT to run errands.

Sarah said...

Oh, I second the laundry and the skinny thing. Baby eats all my food, plus between bouncing him to sleep and lugging him around all day, I should be microscopic! And Erin is right about laundry making laundry babies... dirty dishes do it too!